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  • Ethan Resnick

    Ethan Resnick

    Developer–designer. Into politics, journalism, philosophy.

  • Expero


    Experts in complex solutions, custom software, cloud-based architecture, & scalable UX across all industries. Solving a problem? — info@experoinc.com 5123281212

  • Colleen Masefield McCarthy

    Colleen Masefield McCarthy

    Seeker of good storytellers; history lover. Strategy + Audience @retroreport. Previous gigs: @nymag, @nytimes, @wsj

  • Andrew Hearst

    Andrew Hearst

    Digital editor, content strategist, design aficionado. Currently freelance. Formerly: Blue State Digital, Vanity Fair, Lingua Franca.

  • Jeff DelViscio

    Jeff DelViscio

    Head of multimedia and creative, STAT (http://statnews.com)

  • Ian Lipner

    Ian Lipner

    VP for @lewisprus. I bend technology markets with my mind. Following may help you lead.

  • Alberto Linares

    Alberto Linares

    Reinventing professional 360 workflow. Show must go on!

  • Jenna Wortham

    Jenna Wortham

    ▲ ▲

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